How to Make CBD Edibles

How to Make CBD Edibles

How to Make CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are a great way to take your daily CBD. Coming in many forms, including gummy bears, cookies, and bars of CBD infused chocolate, the choices are endless. But how to make CBD edibles at home?

Nothing is better than homemade food, and that includes sweets and savouries infused with CBD. Sure, we sell plenty of CBD goodies, but if you enjoy baking, why not try make your own CBD edibles?

For all homemade CBD baking it’s best to prepare a fat or oil and infuse it with CBD. This will give you your home baking that perfect base for making the most delicious CBD edibles.

But before you start, there are 2 things you should know about the properties of CBD.

How CBD Reacts to Water and Fat

CBD is Hydrophobic 

CBD is Hydrophobic. What does Hydrophobic mean, I hear you say…. Well, basically it means it won’t dissolve in water on its own, and you lose about 96% of the CBD you ingest because of this.

CBD is Lipophilic

CBD is lipophilic (fat soluble) which means it needs a fat to help make it more available to your system. Without a fat, it wouldn’t work as much, so it’s important to bake with a good fat, which we discuss further down.

This is also why all CBD products come with a carrier oil. 

Now we’ve got the sciency stuff out of the way we can get back to making some CBD Edibles.

CBD isn't water soluble

How to Make CBD Edibles

As you now know, CBD needs and oil to make it more available to our system, so whenever you make some CBD edibles, it’s better to have some CBD infused fat/oil ready so you can simply add it to your recipe.

Best Fats/Oils to Use

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil

How you intend to use your CBD infused fat/oil will determine the best fat/oil to use. If it’s going to be a salad dressing or a guacamole, you should use coconut or olive oil. Whereas if you’re going to bake something such as CBD flapjacks, pancakes or the like, it’s best to use butter as your CBD fat.

Whichever fat/oil you choose to use, the process of creating your own CBD base fat/oil is the same.

Make Your Own CBD Fat/Oil

Before you start making your CBD fat/oil you should know cannabidiol’s boiling point ranges from 160-180°C, so don’t cook anything higher than this as your CBD oil might begin to evaporate.


100g Butter (100ml coconut/olive oil)
10mg CBD Isolate

To keep the maths simple, I have chosen to use 100g of butter. But this isn’t a lot, so however much butter you use, use a tenth of CBD isolate. For example a typical block of butter is 250g, so if you use a full block, simply use 25mg of CBD isolate.

And the same for any oil you use. If you use 250ml of oil, use 25mg of CBD isolate.

Steps to Make Your Own CBD Fat/Oil:

Place butter into a pan and start to melt on a low heat. Stirring until it’s melted.
Still on a low heat, add CBD isolate and stir continuously for 5 minutes.
Pour content into a tub/bottle and allow it to cool down/set.


And that’s it, you now have some cannabutter, or some CBD oil that will give your fat that’s ready to bake with and more importantly help deliver the CBD into your system. 

Melt butter in a pan

Why CBD Edibles?

While eating or drinking CBD isn’t the most potent of ways to take CBD, it certainly has its positives.

CBD Edibles Are Delicious

First and foremost, CBD edibles are absolutely delicious. Whether it’s CBD flapjack, gummy bears, cookies, or a CBD infused salad dressing, they’re a great way to ensure you get your daily CBD.

You’ll Feel The Effects of CBD Edibles for Longer

CBD Edibles do take longer to enter your system than it would with taking some drops under your tongue, but the good news is that you’ll feel the effects for longer. But it all depends on a few things really:

A CBD edible has to be fully digested before you’ll notice any effects, and if you have eaten anything else, it will have to compete with that food too.

Once it’s broken down and in your system, you should feel the effects longer than you would with taking it orally or sublingually. Again, it depends on things like your metabolism and body weight, but you should feel it for between 4-6 hours.

You Can Take CBD Edibles Anytime, Anywhere

If you vape CBD or take it sublingually, you have to do it in private or society will look at you in horror. With CBD edibles you can literally take it anywhere. Whether you make a CBD biscuit, some salad dressing, or a nice cake, simply eat anywhere at anytime and nobody will bat an eyelid.

CBD Edibles – Delicious, Discreet, and Delectable

CBD edibles come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. You can buy them, but even better you can make them at home.

Remember CBD will not be fully available to your system unless you use it with a good quality carrier oil such as butter, coconut or olive oil.

The best thing about this is these 3 fats are perfect for pretty much every dish we could possibly make. So, prepare your own CBD infused fats, and bake with them so you get the full benefits of your CBD edible.

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